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Incubating Businesses through Innovative Solutions

In the realm of possibility, where everything is possible, solutions have a platform from which to manifest. Within every problem lies its inevitable solution. Inside every question, an answer is already born. At IBOS, we embrace business challenges, then we envision, create, innovate, and unveil unique solutions - all based on the needs of the people that business serves. This is IBOS: Incubating businesses through innovative solutions so that we can help - Make The World A Better Place

About ibos

IBOS is a platform for business [ventures] committed to solving problems. We explore out-of-the-box solutions and monetize them into innovative business opportunities. This creates unprecedented value for investors, our collective customers, and the world at large.

IBOS Founder and CEO, Inder Sharma has founded and built more than 18 companies including, which he sold to Expedia in 2002, Medibuy, Zycara and Zygor Energy and more. A serial entrepreneur, Inder Sharma began his journey in a small village in Palwal, India, where at age 7, he envisioned a solution to his grandmother’s dilapidated home where the rain fell in sheets along the interior walls. Inder found this situation to be unacceptable, and with a promise to build a new home, struck a match and burned his grandmother’s house down. The act was an unpleasant surprise to his parents and grandmother and was not exactly a well-executed business plan; however, at age 7, Inder Sharma understood the value of building something from the ground up. Today, Inder Sharma is a sought-after problem-solver, entrepreneurial teacher, international business consultant, and an avid environmentalist and philanthropist.

Our Philosophy

When we operate our lives and businesses inside of Divine spirit, where everything is possible, solutions present themselves without prejudice, and without hesitation. Inspired by a power greater than ourselves, we can then embrace the challenges of our time and align ourselves with all of humanity so that we are all one, in constant activity to bring each other up, to be the solution, instead of the problem.

Inder Sharma

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve humanity in all respects through an inspired, relentless quest to solve problems and monetize them into business opportunities which benefit the greater good. IBOS strives to create wealth by innovating solutions to benefit humanity at large.

– Inder Sharma


IBOS is a think tank where we examine local and global challenges and strive to find the solution that will have the most favorable impact on humanity. Here are the IBOS Ventures, both past and present, and the inspirational stories of how these business ideas were born, incubated, and manifested. [Contact us] to learn more about IBOS Ventures.

Inder Sharma learned about philanthropy from his father. Inder’s father sold his home and donated the profits to rebuild the Shri Lakshmi Narayan Ji heritage temple in his village. Inder was struck by the rewarding effects it had on his community and to this day, makes philanthropy an integral part of his life.

Like his father, Inder wanted to give back to his community and put his efforts towards a specialty hospital in White Field, India built by Sri Sathya Sai Baba foundation in Putta Parthy. This specialty hospital provides free care to all patients.

More recently, Inder was involved with the Sai Sanjeevani Child Heart Care hospital in his hometown of Palwal, India.Inder was blessed with a personal interview with Sri Sathya Sai Baba in 2002 during the building of the specialty Hospital in White field. When Inder asked if his home town could have a small hospital one day, the Swami smiled and nodded “yes” and in 2016, the free Heart Care Sai Sanjeevani Hospital was built. It was inaugurated by the Honorable Prime Minister of India.

Inder Sharma’s business incubator is dedicated to Sai Projects and 80% of proceeds will go to humanitarian projects in India, and abroad.

ibos Mentoring Program

Every year, IBOS accepts a limited number of applicants under the mentoring program. IBOS founder and members coach and mentor the awarded applicants in various aspects of entrepreneurship and the importance of philanthropy.

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