I & I Grup, Inc

Before I&I Group, Inder was a successful Real Estate Broker, selling multi-million dollar homes. Inder dreamt of becoming a multi-millionaire himself. He made decent money as a Real Estate Broker, drove nice cars, and lived in a nice home, but he didn’t have much money in the bank. In 1991, one of his customers purchased a large villa from him. The two became great friends and when Inder discovered that his new friend was a manufacturer of energy efficient bulbs, Inder became intrigued by the technology. The timing was perfect and he had already formulated a plan for success. He imagined that if he sold 1 million bulbs at one dollar each, he would become a millionaire. He knew there were 15,000 Indian-owned hotels with over 1 million rooms. Each room needed 3-4 such light bulbs. Once he had these calculations, he quit Real Estate and founded I&I Group to sell energy efficient lights to the hotels. An environmentalist was born and I&I Group operated from 1993 to 2006.