Founded by young entrepreneur Ravi Sharma

OOTify is a mental health technology company based in Los Angeles that deploys artificial intelligence (AI) to: a) match Providers (e.g. mental health and other pre-screened professionals) to millennials and gen-z via an open marketplace; and b) assist with the intake process to streamline and improve the delivery of care.  

The AI does not make any care decisions for those seeking help, but rather is leveraged to simply assist Providers in getting new clients, gaining insight through key client data metrics and being more efficient so they can focus on what matters most: helping their clients.  Our application also hosts Provider-focused telehealth productivity tools such as HIPAA compliant video, audio and messaging, billing and scheduling.  At OOTify, we are changing the way Providers do business with easy-to-use technology, while engaging their clients in a manner that de-stigmatizes mental health and increases accessibility.

For the founders, this business is personal having had friends and family members that have been affected by mental illness and even suicide.  Collectively, they bring strong business, strategy, branding, operations and risk mitigation experience.  Moreover, they’ve surrounded themselves with very well-equipped technical executives and advisors.  For more color, you can learn more on their website.


Family and friends. Company received first VC finding recently.