ZYGO are the world’s most intelligent spark plugs for gasoline-fueled cars. These plugs not only cut down emissions up to 90%, but increase fuel efficiency up to 10%.

The world is facing a dire climate situation due to carbon emissions. Over 9 million people die of pollution related diseases every year. Automobile emissions are one of the leading causes of pollution.

ZYGO can reduce emissions up to 90% and improve fuel efficiency up to 10%

In 2012, Inder traveled to Delhi and became seriously ill due to pollution, suffering serious lung congestion and coughing for months. As a problem-solver, he decided it was time to find a solution to automobile pollution. He tried some existing technologies in India but they did not produce the results he expected. Inder began looking for inventors who could do something about the pollution epidemic. He wanted a solution that worked well and was affordable. Finally, he found a genius scientist who was already working on spark plug technology. He invested in his small company which developed the Intelligent spark plug and received a US patent in 2017. Intelligent spark is the world’s most intelligent spark plug. This will be the singular most viable advancement in spark plug technology in the past 80 years.The technology is currently being tested in India and the United States. It will be introduced to the India market in Q3, 2018.

“Cleaning one vehicle at a time” Technology for a cleaner earth.


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